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• Monday, June 06th, 2011

Judge Karen, Steve Wilkos headline Destination Occupation Expo in DC

courtesy DC 50 TV/Tribune - Judge Karen speaks to expo participants

In just the first hour, more than 500 Washington, DC area residents walked through the doors of the Walter Washington Convention Center last Friday to seek out job opportunities, explore educational options, and gain tips on everything from creating a better resume to a fashion show hosted by Dress for Success

courtesy of Ask The Strategist - Judge Karen signs autographs

The highlights of the Destination Occupation Expo, hosted by DC 50 television station, were the keynote speeches by Judge Karen Mills-Francis, of the popular show, Judge Karen’s Court and Steve Wilkos of The Steve Wilkos Show.

Known for her signature blonde tresses and a propensity to allow litigants to cross-examine one another while pleading their cases on television, Judge Karen brought the same sensibility that viewers witness on her show: use the challenges you face to make you stronger.

courtesy of Ask The Strategist - Dr. Aamir Quareshi, of Med Tech, talks with a prospective student

During my interview with Judge Karen, she emphasized that one of the most important factors in dealing with life’s changes, including job loss, is to have hope, a message she underscored during her speech to the hundreds of job seekers in attendance.

Judge Karen opens up a bit about some of the challenges she has overcome during her career, including running for judge in Miami-Dade County without support from entities that typically endorse a candidate. With little financial backing and the tough challenge of appealing to an entire county versus a district, Judge Karen faced some tough odds. “It was the toughest challenge I ever had,” she said. While she ended up winning, and being elected to a second term, Judge Karen noted that if she did not have hope, the outcome might have been very different.

courtesy of Ask The Strategist - Judge Karen, left, with DC 50 TV's Robin Hamilton

Urging participants in the Destination Occupation Expo to stay committed to their goals, Judge Karen said that with hope and motivation, people can move from “being victims to victors.”

Widely known for his former role as director of security for the Jerry Springer Show, Steve Wilkos, host of the Steve Wilkos Show, spoke to participants who attended the expo.

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• Friday, June 03rd, 2011

Ode to a Peacemaker

We could take a few lessons from The Peacemaker

A treasured mentor and fellow Sorority member passed away last week. She meant many things to many people in Philadelphia. To me, she was an exemplar; someone who had the uncanny ability to always know what to say and how to respond – even in the throes of conflict. For more than 50 years, this Peacemaker dedicated her life and wisdom to bettering the community in which she lived.

The reason I am writing about The Peacemaker on Ask The Strategist is that the lessons she taught me, and indeed, all she touched, are also germane to the principles of business. There are three that should become mainstays:

1. Hold your tongue: Before launching into action, and in the process saying things that may be regretted later, The Peacemaker always quietly reflected on the situation before saying anything. Most often, she did not say anything at all, wisely waiting to gauge the barometer and addressing concerns only when, and if, necessary. In business, we sometimes have a tendency to become defensive, often speaking before assessing the situation, and ultimately say things that may come back to haunt us – with coworkers and clients.

2. Hold others in high esteem: It is so easy to criticize and make suppositions when it comes to others. We may feel that the way they think is wrong, or that they are clueless in their actions. The Peacemaker always held others in high regard, even if she did not agree with them. She saw the best in others. You have undoubtedly heard about Jaheel Robinson, who was fired from his job at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles yesterday, for complaining about customers and his employer via Twitter. He may have benefitted from The Peacemaker’s modus operandi on dealing with others before blasting them on social media sites.

RMV employee fired for Twitter rant :

3. Make Peace, Not War: I have witnessed The Peacemaker step in and create peaceful harmony in the community, when folks were at odds. Reaching out personally to everyone, whether they were involved or not, created such an air of camaraderie and widespread introspection that her actions inevitably led to a peaceable outcome. In the workplace, we can each be a peacemaker and inspire calm during intensive situations. Everyone has a part to play in creating a great environment in which we can work, play, and create.

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