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• Monday, September 03rd, 2012


September is Wealth & Wellness Month

30 ways to improve your wealth and wellness

Initially, we declared September 2012 Wealth & Wellness month in honor of our upcoming summit for college students to help them develop positive strategies for creating optimal wealth (career planning, exploring entrepreneurship, and reducing debt) and health (stress reduction, positive emotional health, and healthy relationships); however, I’ve decided to issue a clarion call to adults and students, alike, to use September to actively reflect upon and take action to improve access to wealth and healthy living.
So, here’s a list of 30 things you can do each day during Wealth & Wellness month in September:

1. Swap out one sugary food for a healthy one during breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack time

2. Make an appointment for a dental cleaning

3. Organize a girlfriends (or guys!) group walk, hike, yoga, or Dance Trance class

4. Pack a homemade picnic and invite your beloved to dine with you

5. Go stargazing with a friend or spouse

6. Update your resume and ask a mentor or friend to review it

7. Open a savings account

8. Make an appointment for a pedicure or manicure

9. Have your blood pressure checked

10. Join a support group if you have lost a loved one recently

11. Introduce your child to a new vegetable (roasted carrots and red bell pepper are healthy, sweet, and delicious)
12. Engage a mentor to help you build a business

13. Pay off a credit card (start with the one with the lowest balance)

14. Talk to your child, Godchild, or young family members about money

15. Donate gently worn professional attire to Dress for Success

16. Talk to an experienced, licensed financial planner about investing in stocks, Roth IRAs, or CDs

17. Draft a will or living will

18. Get a mammogram

19. Tell your loved ones you love them

20. Eat dinner with the family, at the table, and not in front of the television

21. Disengage social media for 1 day

22. Donate your time or money to a worthy cause

23. Make an appointment to have your hearing or vision tested

24. Spend quality time with your pet(s)

25. Do 1 good thing for 1 person today

26. Try a vegetarian meal

27. Put on sunscreen – use an appropriate SPF

28. Substitute your drink full of spirits with a non-alcoholic option

29. Take an elderly parent or neighbor to the doctor

30. Tell someone else about Wealth & Wellness month. Better yet, share this list with others.

How have you celebrated Wealth & Wellness month? Let us know if any of these suggestions worked for you or your family, by emailing us, or comment below.


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