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• Monday, January 13th, 2014

NEWS FLASH: We have a new blog home page!

We are still Ask The Strategist, only now, the site is autonomously run by the Publisher/Editor, Kesi Stribling.

“The decision to move Ask The Strategist from the direct affiliation with KSG Strategic Consulting enables us to reach a wider audience, many of whom are current fans and followers of our media brands outside of KSG,” says Stribling.

The newly refurbished Ask The Strategist will continue to feature posts on business, entrepreneurship, careers, and women, however, one of the additional benefits is a group of new guest bloggers, who will provide content on a number of industries and specialties, including diversity and nutrition.

Our first guest blogger, Delise, is a college student who will share her experiences navigating her internship and school during her semester-long stay in South Africa, beginning in February 2014. Her video blog will be housed under the new section on careers for college students.

What does this mean for you, our subscribers?

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Ready, Set, Compete: American Express OPEN Forum Shares Tips  to Maximize 2014

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• Monday, November 11th, 2013

Honoring Our Veterans

Our veterans continue to risk their lives for our safety, often returning from overseas or their posts in the U.S. wounded, or without jobs. Today, we salute them and recognize a few organizations that help get our veterans back to work.”


Veterans Day marks an official time for us to remember, salute, and honor those brave men and women who often put themselves in harm’s way to ensure the safety and freedom of Americans, and our allies abroad. Our veterans continue to risk their lives for our safety, often returning from overseas or their posts in the U.S. wounded, or without jobs. Today, we salute them and recognize a few organizations that help get our veterans back to work.

Honoring our veterans today

While the road to reintegration and a rewarding career after service or combat can be daunting for our veterans, the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Veterans Support Organization, and Vets in Tech are three entities that reconnect military troops with career opportunities, including entrepreneurship, around the country.

The U.S. Small Business Administration, headquartered in Washington, DC, has a panoply of services for veterans who currently own a business, or are looking to establish one. From writing a business plan, to learning how to market products and services, the SBA provides resources to assist veterans in running and growing their businesses. On Friday, November 8, 2013, the U.S. Small Business Administration announced a new initiative to provide loans to veterans starting businesses, providing zero fee loans – up to $350,000 – to authorized veteran entrepreneurs.

Based in Stuart, Florida, the Veterans Support Organization links military veterans to jobs, housing, and financial assistance. The nonprofit organization, founded in 2001 by Richard VanHouten, Jr., hires veterans in nine communities across the country in Arkansas, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia.

Vets in Tech, established in 2012 by military veteran Katherine Webster, links veterans to career opportunities in technology. The San Francisco, CA organization now has additional chapters in California (Los Angeles and San Diego), and in cities across the country, including Washington, DC , New York, NY, Austin, TX, and Seattle, WA. Through Education, Employment, and Entrepreneurship, Vets in Tech programs include pitch events, technology job fairs, and skills matching. Vets in Tech is a part
of the larger TechCentralSF network.

We salute the U.S. Small Business Administration, Veterans Support Organization, and Vets in Tech for the work they do for our veterans.


Know a company or organization that provides career opportunities for veterans? Let us know by commenting below or email us.


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• Saturday, November 17th, 2012
Small Business Saturday on The Strategy Sessions radio show

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Black Friday has long been considered the official start of the holiday shopping season for Americans. Small Business

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Saturday is gaining momentum as the holiday shopping kick off for small businesses, and the customers they serve. Launched by American Express and Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP)  in 2010, this year’s Small Business Saturday is on November 24.

The Strategy Sessions radio show welcomes Deputy Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration Marie C. Johns; WIPP Corporate Advisory Board Member and TargetGov Founder Gloria Larkin; and, Small Business Saturday Advisor and owner of Pinnacle Publishing Group, Inc. Patricia Norins to talk about Small Business Saturday and resources for businesses that want to participate.

Questions for our guests? Are you a business owner who participated in Small Business Saturday?

Call into the show: (347) 539-5143
Tweet @KesiStribling

Guests’ bios, Small Business Saturday resources including social media pages, are listed on our website at


DISCLAIMER: ASK THE STRATEGIST is a blog that highlights information on business, entrepreneurship, careers and the workplace, health, community, and women’s issues. Any content or advice dispensed through Ask The Strategist is solely for informational and entertainment purposes. All content is the property of Ask The Strategist and affiliated companies unless otherwise noted, and may not be reproduced without express written permission from the author(s).

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• Thursday, June 07th, 2012

Free Webinar sponsored by the Local Jobs Network on Diversity Recruitment

The Local Jobs Network, an employment website that advertises millions of jobs across the country, and warehouses a multitude of employee and employer resources, will host a free webinar on Affirmative Action Recruiting Under the New OFFC (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs).

Related content: View my articles on the Local Job Network


Click on the image to register


Affirmative Action Recruiting Under the New Office of Contract Compliance Programs, a 1.5 hour webinar.

Join the Local JobNetwork™ team and employment attorney, Ely Leichtling from Quarles & Brady LLP, as we explore the impact of OFCCP regulations on recruiting. Whether you are an affirmative action officer or a recruiter, you are likely to learn something new from our OFCCP webinar.

Friday, June 22, 2012 at 8:00 a.m. PT, 10:00 a.m. CT, and 11:00 a.m. ET

Federal contractors need to carefully examine their recruiting practices to ensure compliance due to OFCCP’s emphasis on enforcement, the increasing number of onsite audits, and many recently proposed revisions to regulations and approaches.

The webinar is approved for one HRCI credit towards recertification of PHR, SPHR, or GPHR credentials. The webinar is 1.5 hours and covers the following topics with a live Q & A (last 30 min.) to ask our experts questions.

To register, visit


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• Tuesday, June 05th, 2012

Show sponsor: Career Connect USA

The Strategy Sessions Radio Show on Tuesday, June 5, 2012 11:00 a.m. ET

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GAINING GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS The Strategy Sessions is pleased to welcome Lourdes Martin-Rosa, American Express OPEN, on June 5, 2012 to discuss American Express OPEN Gaining Government Contracts training series for businesses, strategies for preparing for and winning government contracts, and Lourdes’ own personal success story.

American Express OPEN hosts government contracting series

American Express OPEN hosts the Gaining Government Contract series. The latest takes place in Washington, DC on June 15, 2012. Expert panelists including Ana Recio Harvey, Assistant Administrator for the Small Business Administration; Mark Oliver, Department of the Interior; and Emily Murphy, House Committee on Small Business. Workshops , business matching, and networking opportunities are additional highlights.


Lourdes Martin-Rosa of American Express OPEN

Our guest, Lourdes Martin-Rosa, is an Advisor on Government Contracting for American Express OPEN. A business lobbyist turned entrepreneur, Martin-Rosa coaches small business owners on how to navigate a seemingly tenuous process for preparing and competing for government contracts. To read Lourdes Martin-Rosa’s bio, and get government contracting resources, visit




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Click here to LISTEN LIVE TO THE SHOW ONLINE on Tuesday, 6/5/2012 at 11:00 a.m. ET

ABOUT THE STRATEGY SESSIONS Featuring industry leaders and notables who share tips and strategies on business, careers, travel, health, and more, The Strategy Sessions radio show airs live on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 11am ET. Guests have included Robin Richards, CEO of; Millicent West, Director of the DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency; Glen MacDonnell of AAA; David Sheppard, Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS; Dr. Valerie Wilson, Vice President of the National Urban League Policy Institute; and, Julie Silard Kantor, Executive Director of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship in DC. Visit the site to download previous shows/podcasts on iTunes.

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• Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Excerpt from article

The White House to unveil detailed jobs plan soon

President Barack Obama laid out his plan to get Americans back to work during his speech on jobs to Congress this week. While the nation has been impacted as a whole, job seekers and business owners in the Washington, DC area sound off about their fears, frustration, and hope as a seemingly last ditch effort to corral both political parties to solve the continuing crisis was made by the President.

A real estate professional in Virginia, who asked that we not reveal her identity, said that she continues to endure the negative impact the economy has had on her industry. In addition to worrying about making ends meet due to a reduced income, she faces almost $50,000 in debt from the IRS and medical bills.

We are issuing a series of articles on the impact of the jobs situation in the DC metro area. Send your comments, suggestions, and feedback to
• Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Excerpt from article on, 9/10/2011

DC Mayor Vincent Gray announces One City, One Hire

Washington, DC Mayor Vincent Gray, flanked by leadership of the DC Chamber of Commerce and the DC Department of Employment Services, announced the OneCity, One Hire initiative on Thursday at the chamber’s office in downtown DC.

An effort to encourage employers to hire District job seekers, OneCity, One Hire has an ambitious goal in today’s economy: hire 10,000 residents as soon as possible. Modeled after Atlanta’s Hire One jobs initiative, which helped successfully employ 13,000 job seekers within six months of its launch, Mayor Gray hopes to see similar results in the nation’s capital.

Continue reading the article on Mayor Vincent Gray launches One City, One Hire to employ 10,000 residents – Washington DC workplace |

• Wednesday, May 18th, 2011
Does your business have a disaster plan (part 2)?
Tune in for The Strategy Sessions on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. EST as we welcome Millicent W. West, Director of the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency for the District of Columbia.

THE STRATEGY SESSIONS: Does Your Business Have a Disaster Plan (part 2)?

Millicent W. West Director of the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency in the District of Columbia


Join us on May 24, 2011 for Does Your Business Have a Disaster Plan (part 2)?


1. What the DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency is doing to aid disaster planning efforts

2. The new terrorism alert program

3. The best approach to creating and implementing a disaster plan for  business

4. Resources to help businesses, nonprofit organizations, and community groups with disaster planning

5. Disaster planning for families 

Connect with us!

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• Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Build It! Grow It! Sustain It! Nonprofit Leaders Gather in Silver Spring to Learn How to Get Funding, Build Partnerships, and Thrive In the Future

Congresswoman Donna F. Edwards (official portrait)

Congresswoman Donna F. Edwards (D-MD) hosted the 2nd Annual Nonprofit Forum in Silver Spring, MD yesterday, drawing nonprofit executives, corporations, foundations, and community-based organizations.


Rep. Edwards opened the session, saying that she hoped the nonprofit leaders in attendance would gain guidance and prepare for the next successors within their organizations, alluding to the challenges that many nonprofits face: shutting down when a plan is not in place to deal with internal and external challenges.



The first plenary featured representatives from the federal government, who shared their perspectives on obtaining, maintaining, and sustaining grants. Moderated by Chuck Bean, Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington, panelists included Michael Robbins, United States Department of Education; Acacia Salatti, United States Department of Health and Human Services; and, Marvin Turner, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Robbins’ takeaways: Spending and support of educational initiatives rests in the hands of community based organizations; partnerships are the “new normal,” and developing collaborative initiatives will help nonprofit organizations maximize services.

Salatti’s takeaways: Focus on what your nonprofit does well; ensure that your mission, capacity, resources, materials, and served constituency are in alignment.

Turner’s takeaways: Nonprofit organizations should deliver what they promise in the grant proposal; decision makers and granters are “impressed by accountability and integrity”

A snapshot of breakout sessions includes:

  • Writing a Successful Grant Proposal: Jennifer Jones (moderator), Prince George’s County Commission for Women, Eric Brenner, Maryland Grants Office, and Patricia Pasqual, Foundation Center
  • Nonprofit Advocacy: Melissa Bondi (moderator), Think Twice Before You Slice, Hope Gleicher, Nonprofit Montgomery, and Lee Mason, Human Services Coalition of Prince George’s County
  • Succession Planning: Glen Ogilvy (moderator), Center for Nonprofit Advancement, Heather Iliff, Maryland Nonprofits Consulting, and Raphael Lopez, Annie E. Casey Foundation
  • Youth Partnerships: Luisa Montero-Diaz, Maryland Latin American Youth Council, Nat Chioke Williams, Hill Snowden Foundation, and Pandit F. Wright, Boys & Girls Club
  • Education and Literacy Partnerships: Brenda Mitchell, Prince George’s Community College, Mary Mulcahy, The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation, and Nancy Nuell, Montgomery College

The closing plenary session, moderated by Dennis Serrette of the National Urban League, focused on survival strategies for nonprofit organizations, including a discussion on funding priorities for 2011 and beyond. Curtis Etherly, Coca-Cola; Karen Campbell, Verizon; and, Craig Muckle, Safeway all agreed that nonprofits need to do extensive research about the companies they approach for funding.

Top takeaways from the closing panel discussion:

  • Pay attention to grant submission guidelines
  • Find out the best way to communicate with decision makers, i.e. email or phone calls
  • Requests are often reviewed by a number of people, so ensure that submissions are concise and succinct
  • Even if a company denies financial support for programs and events, reach out to appropriate company contacts to purchase a ticket to your event
  • Do not take rejection personally; more often than not, the issue is about limited resources the company has to distribute among a growing number of organizations
  • Take advantage of where your organization is geographically located – in the nation’s capital


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• Wednesday, May 04th, 2011

New York-based media conglomerate, Working Mother Media, honored twelve of the nation’s top employers for hourly workers at the Mayflower hotel in Washington, DC yesterday.

Carol Evans, president of Working Mother Media, addresses audience


Carol Evans, president of Working Mother Media, recognized the efforts of the 12 companies honored, including: Best Buy, Bon Secours Richmond Health Systems, Inc., Carlson, Inc., Capital One Financial Corporation, Cricket Communications, Marriott International, Inc., McDonald’s Corporation, Sodexo, University of New Mexico Hospitals, University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics, USAA, and Valassis Communications, Inc.

The keynote speaker for the event was Hilda L. Solis, United States Secretary of Labor, who saluted the companies for providing tuition assistance, health care coverage, and training opportunities for workers.

Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis delivers keynote address

For more details, including the honorees and and Secretary Hilda Solis’ keynote address, read my article on

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