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• Monday, January 13th, 2014

NEWS FLASH: We have a new blog home page!

We are still Ask The Strategist, only now, the site is autonomously run by the Publisher/Editor, Kesi Stribling.

“The decision to move Ask The Strategist from the direct affiliation with KSG Strategic Consulting enables us to reach a wider audience, many of whom are current fans and followers of our media brands outside of KSG,” says Stribling.

The newly refurbished Ask The Strategist will continue to feature posts on business, entrepreneurship, careers, and women, however, one of the additional benefits is a group of new guest bloggers, who will provide content on a number of industries and specialties, including diversity and nutrition.

Our first guest blogger, Delise, is a college student who will share her experiences navigating her internship and school during her semester-long stay in South Africa, beginning in February 2014. Her video blog will be housed under the new section on careers for college students.

What does this mean for you, our subscribers?

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Read our first post on the new site:
Ready, Set, Compete: American Express OPEN Forum Shares Tips  to Maximize 2014

NOTE: We are still in the process of migrating most content over to the new site. Until we have completed this process, archived blog posts may be retrieved from the former blog website. The site will be discontinued and inaccessible once this process is finished with, or without, advanced notice.

Thank you for your support, subscription, and reading our posts since Ask The Strategist debuted in 2011. We look forward to your continued interest and feedback.


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• Monday, November 04th, 2013

The Strategy Sessions kicks off new season, celebrates National Career Development Month with the Public Leadership Education Network on Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The new season begins on November 5, 2013

November 5, 2013 marks the new season of The Strategy Sessions radio show. To mark the occasion, we are unveiling our new branding, including the new LIVE CHAT feature on the show page, show logo, and the new Facebook page (


During November, we are celebrating National Career Development Month. On the first show  of the new season, we welcome Dawn Culpepper, Director of Programs and Operations for the Public Education Leadership Network (PLEN) in Washington, DC. Ms. Culpepper will shed light on how the organization prepares young women for careers in elected office, advocacy, and in communities across the country. She will also discuss how today’s women leaders have tough issues to tackle – including the recent government shutdown and consensus building – and the organization’s upcoming event, Women, Law, and Legal Advocacy Seminar featuring keynote speaker, Heather Podesta.

We encourage listeners to call in or email us with questions about PLEN, women in leadership roles, challenges women in the workplace confront, or career development for young women.

The Strategy Sessions: Tuesday, November 5, 2013
11:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. ET
(Listen LIVE or on-demand after the show)

Call in during the show: (347) 539-5143
Email your question or comment:
LIVE chat:
Like us/post questions on Facebook:
Twitter: #TheStrategySessions


Dawn Culpepper, PLEN

Dawn Culpepper is the Director of Programs and Operations for the Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN), the only national organization with the sole focus of preparing college women for careers in public policy. Based in Washington, D.C, Dawn is responsible for the strategic development and implementation of leadership in public policy programs and recruitment of college women nationwide.

She was formerly an AmeriCorps *VISTA Fellow at Turning the Page, a Washington, D.C. educational nonprofit aimed at increasing parental involvement in public schools. Dawn’s responsibilities at Turning the Page included designing and implementing leadership curriculum; working with government officials, school administration/staff, and parent leaders; and overseeing grant implementation for a school-wide health and wellness program.  She also worked at Appleseed, a nonprofit network of 17 public interest justice centers, where she oversaw more than 300 pro bono legal volunteers from top firms across the national capital region.

Dawn graduated with distinction from the University of Virginia in 2010 with a BA in Government. She focused her studies primarily on gender and the political process. Dawn was involved with both the Women’s Center and the Young Women Leaders Program throughout her college career.



Phone: (202) 872-1585
Twitter: @PLENNetwork

Our Sponsor

This episode is sponsored by E.G. Educational Services, LLC. The company provides one-on-one tutoring services to youth and adults in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area. They believe that quality tutoring at an affordable price is the equation for success. Visit for more information or to schedule a tutoring session.

About The Strategy Sessions radio show

Now in it’s fourth  year on the Blog Talk Radio network, The Strategy Sessions radio show features industry leaders and strategists on business, careers, travel, health, women’s issues, youth, and more. Airing live on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 11:00 a.m. ET, The Strategy Sessions has featured luminaries representing corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations such as the U.S. Small Business Administration;; AAA; American Express; Women Impacting Public Policy; LifeLock; Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship; Aetna; the American Heart Association; and, Lockheed Martin. For more information, listen online, or to download the podcast, visit If you have a show idea, or would like to be a guest or show sponsor, email, or like us on Facebook ( Twitter hashtag #TheStrategySessions

Related reading:

It’s National Career Development Month

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• Monday, January 14th, 2013
The New Face of Diversity: President and CEO of the American Conference on Diversity, Elizabeth Williams-Riley, joins us on The Strategy Sessions radio show on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. ET.

November’s election included sweeping legislative changes for many states, including the DREAM Act and same-sex marriage. In America, diversity has long been a discussion topic at work; however, it has taken on new meaning as social issues, including immigration and advocacy for women. Our guest, Elizabeth Williams-Riley, President and CEO of the American Conference on Diversity, joins us on The Strategy Sessions radio show to highlight how the conversation on diversity is re-shaping the workplace and communities.

Elizabeth Williams-Riley



  • How the definition of diversity has changed as legislative and societal changes have evolved
  • The impact November’s election will have on the workplace and the community, including states’ support of Same-Sex Marriage and the DREAM Act
  • The relevance of diversity training as women and people of color make strides in the workplace
  • How diversity impacts youth – bullying, leadership, and education
  • American Conference on Diversity programming to raise awareness, train, and prepare tomorrow’s leaders

Listen LIVE:

Have a question or comment for our guest?

Call (347) 539-5143


Tweet us @KesiStribling

For more information about Elizabeth Williams-Riley, or to view her bio, visit



Listen live

A radio show featuring industry leaders who share tips and strategies on business, careers, travel, health, and more, The Strategy Sessions airs live on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 11:00 a.m. ET. The show has featured luminaries representing corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations such as the U.S. Small Business Administration;; AAA; American Express; Women Impacting Public Policy; LifeLock; Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship; Aetna; the American Heart Association; and, Lockheed Martin. For more information, or to download the podcast, visit Twitter hashtag #TheStrategySessions


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• Monday, September 03rd, 2012


September is Wealth & Wellness Month

30 ways to improve your wealth and wellness

Initially, we declared September 2012 Wealth & Wellness month in honor of our upcoming summit for college students to help them develop positive strategies for creating optimal wealth (career planning, exploring entrepreneurship, and reducing debt) and health (stress reduction, positive emotional health, and healthy relationships); however, I’ve decided to issue a clarion call to adults and students, alike, to use September to actively reflect upon and take action to improve access to wealth and healthy living.
So, here’s a list of 30 things you can do each day during Wealth & Wellness month in September:

1. Swap out one sugary food for a healthy one during breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack time

2. Make an appointment for a dental cleaning

3. Organize a girlfriends (or guys!) group walk, hike, yoga, or Dance Trance class

4. Pack a homemade picnic and invite your beloved to dine with you

5. Go stargazing with a friend or spouse

6. Update your resume and ask a mentor or friend to review it

7. Open a savings account

8. Make an appointment for a pedicure or manicure

9. Have your blood pressure checked

10. Join a support group if you have lost a loved one recently

11. Introduce your child to a new vegetable (roasted carrots and red bell pepper are healthy, sweet, and delicious)
12. Engage a mentor to help you build a business

13. Pay off a credit card (start with the one with the lowest balance)

14. Talk to your child, Godchild, or young family members about money

15. Donate gently worn professional attire to Dress for Success

16. Talk to an experienced, licensed financial planner about investing in stocks, Roth IRAs, or CDs

17. Draft a will or living will

18. Get a mammogram

19. Tell your loved ones you love them

20. Eat dinner with the family, at the table, and not in front of the television

21. Disengage social media for 1 day

22. Donate your time or money to a worthy cause

23. Make an appointment to have your hearing or vision tested

24. Spend quality time with your pet(s)

25. Do 1 good thing for 1 person today

26. Try a vegetarian meal

27. Put on sunscreen – use an appropriate SPF

28. Substitute your drink full of spirits with a non-alcoholic option

29. Take an elderly parent or neighbor to the doctor

30. Tell someone else about Wealth & Wellness month. Better yet, share this list with others.

How have you celebrated Wealth & Wellness month? Let us know if any of these suggestions worked for you or your family, by emailing us, or comment below.


DISCLAIMER: ASK THE STRATEGIST is a blog that addresses business, career, workplace and etiquette issues. Any advice dispensed by Ask The Strategist is purely for informational and entertainment purposes. Take the advice and opinions at your own risk – and betterment! Follow @KesiStribling or @CareerConnectDC on Twitter. Post your questions/email your conundrum/send your question via video to All submissions become the property of Ask The Strategist. Names and other identifying information may be changed to protect the person asking for advice.

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• Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012


Forbes names world’s 100 most powerful women

This week, Forbes magazine named its pick of the world’s most influential women. The group of 100 power movers, which includes humanitarians, entertainers, and world leaders, span the globe and spectrum of ages. Lady Gaga (#14), age 26, is the youngest on the list. Queen Elizabeth II (#26), Monarch of the United Kingdom, is the eldest stateswoman on the list at eighty-six years old.

First Lady Michelle Obama makes the list at #7

The Queen is joined by a number of lady rulers, such as 50-year-old Julia Gillard (#27), who is the Prime Minister of Australia, and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (#16), age 59, who is the first elected female president of Argentina.

[related: Forbes 400 richest in America]

In addition to Lady Gaga, a few other Millennials made the cut this year, including entertainment dynamo and new mother, Beyoncé Knowles Carter, who at age 30, joins the list in the #32 spot. Sheikha Mayassa Al Thani rounds out the Forbes list in the last spot. Al Thani is the 29-year old Chair of the Qatar Museums Authority in the Middle East.

Alas, the most powerful woman on the 2012 Forbes list is…(here’s a hint: she was an awfully good sport when covered in beer).  Find out who’s #1 and view the complete list.

Who do you think should have made the list? Let us know in the comments section below. © Copyright 2012 Ask The Strategist™


DISCLAIMER: ASK THE STRATEGIST is a blog that addresses business, career, workplace and etiquette issues. Any advice dispensed by Ask The Strategist is purely for informational and entertainment purposes. Take the advice and opinions at your own risk – and betterment! Follow @KesiStribling or @CareerConnectDC on Twitter. Post your questions/email your conundrum/send your question via video to All submissions become the property of Ask The Strategist. Names and other identifying information may be changed to protect the person asking for advice.

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• Thursday, March 08th, 2012


In honor of Women’s History Month, the ASK THE STRATEGIST blog is launching Women of Influence: Leaders Past, Present, and Future. During the month of March, we will feature audacious, awesome women who contribute, or have contributed, to communities across the globe.

January 1, 1752 – January 30, 1836

Betsy Ross, an American icon (source:

It is fitting that the first woman featured today, International Women’s Day, is Betsy Ross. Born in Philadelphia on January 1, 1752, Elizabeth Griscom Ross was the eighth of seventeen children born to Samuel and Rebecca James Griscom. Ross married her first husband at age 21, John, with whom she established an upholstery and seamstress business.

Famous for fashioning the American flag presented to George Washington in 1776 to commemorate the country’s independence from Great Britain, Ross was a successful entrepreneur in 18th century Philadelphia. What makes her occupation an even rarer occurrence is that Ross maintained the upholstery business after the deaths of her first husband, John, and indeed, after her second and third husbands, Captain Joseph Ashburn and John Claypoole, respectively.

While Ross’ legend revolves around Old Glory, and the debate about whether she designed the original flag, the fact remains that this “patriot of Philadelphia,” Betsy Ross continues to inspire civic pride and patriotism.

So, we celebrate Betsy Ross on March 8, 2012 – International Women’s Day – for her lasting contributions as a pioneering woman entrepreneur whose work in the 1700s continues to resonate centuries later.

Fast facts:
 Betsy Ross’ family were devout members of the Quaker Society
 Ross’ family ostracized her when she married John Ross, an Episcopalian
 She was a fourth-generation American

Betsy Ross,
Betsy Ross,
Betsy Ross,

Talk Back: Tell us about the women – past present and future – who inspire you in the comments section.


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• Tuesday, May 31st, 2011
The ForbesWoman Summer Reading List 2011 Revealed!

Reading can be a fun and enlightening way to spend your summer - and build your business!

Meghan Casserly, author of popular Forbes blog, Girl Friday, shares recommendations for summer reading for women.

Read the recommendations

Have you read any of the recommended books, or do you have a suggestion for a book we ought to read? Let us know!

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• Tuesday, May 03rd, 2011

Today, I had the pleasure of being a featured presenter to a group of awesome women entrepreneurs visiting the United States for the International Visitor Leadership Program. During the session, Women & Entrepreneurship, twenty women from across the globe gathered to hear strategies and insider tips for business success. 

Sponsored by the United States Department of State and Phelps Stokes, the program was a part of a three-week visit designed to:

  • Provide examples of entrepreneurial efforts in the U.S, particularly those initiated by women;
  • Illustrate the essential role of non-governmental and grassroots organizations in supporting and empowering the development of women-owned businesses; and,
  • Highlight the social, economic, and political factors that influence and encourage the development of private enterprise in the U.S.


Participants in the US Department of State and Phelps Stokes International Visitor Leadership Program in DC

Hailing from Algeria, Armenia, Bangladesh, Gambia, Germany, Hungary, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Namibia, Nigeria, Oman, People’s Republic of China, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, and Venezuela, these women are focused and poised to become great forces in their home countries and globally. 


Because so many of our ASK THE STATEGIST readers are entrepreneurs, or company and organizational leaders, I am sharing key tips on advocacy imparted to the women during my presentation. There are three types of advocacy every smart business owner should employ on a regular basis:

1. Individual Advocacy: The reality is that no one is going to be as excited, motivated and committed to your entity as you are. So, it is important to be a vigilant advocate for your business. Whether it is taking courses to learn more about your industry, researching potential funding, articulating your messaging, or mapping out your company’s overall strategy and operations, you are ultimately responsible for being your own cheerleader and motivator.

2. Collaborative Advocacy: As the old saying does, there is power in numbers. The adage applies to building businesses, as well. Strategic partners and alliances are a great way to increase your capabilities, develop ideas, raise funding and promote your products and services. Allies are great advocates, and can become vital cheerleaders on your company’s behalf. Collaborating to position your company in a favorable way, while increasing your branding and outreach is a good thing. 

3. Legislative Advocacy: Advocating for your business or organization, and gaining strategic alliances will help you go a long way toward sustaining your entity. However, often calling upon our elected officials and legislators is a necessary action, especially if advocacy involves systemic issues, such as education, the environment, health, the economy, and community development. Know who your elected officials are in your community and where your business is located! 


A special *shout out* goes to Nicole Joseph, founder of Ms. Brafit, who won The Perfect Pitch contest during the presentation. Congratulations! 

The Perfect Pitch: Nicole Joseph-Chin, Founder of Ms. Brafit

Visit Nicole’s company website:
Follow her on Twitter: 

Your email:


• Thursday, April 28th, 2011
Pat Mitchell President & CEO
Paley Center for Media
Margie Warrell Author/Executive Life Coach
“Find Your Courage”
Joan Amble Executive Vice President & Corporate Comptroller, American Express


Do you know these women?  You should.  They are leading ladies in America, shaping the world around us in business, politics, and media.  Come meet them personally and several more successful women from across the country THIS Saturday!  There is still time to join some of America’s most influential women at

Ladies DC and the UN Foundation have joined forces to host the inaugural “Women Leading the Future” day-long women’s conference, THIS Saturday, April 30, 2011, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, bringing some of the most powerful women in America together to discuss major issues and topics important to women today.  Focusing on women making a difference in the world, some discussions will deal with where women are today and how they can become stronger, more effective leaders and why their leadership is important as we head into the future.


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• Tuesday, April 19th, 2011


ASK THE STRATEGIST interviewed Carol Van Valkenburg, owner of the McDonald’s restaurant in Mazza Gallerie, Washington, DC, during the National Hiring Day today. Carol’s family has owned McDonald’s franchises in the area – 18 locations to date – since 1979.


Carol Van Valkenburg stands in front of the Wisonsin Avenue restaurant

ATS: What are your three strategies for success?
Carol: Never be afraid to ask questions, never be afraid to admit that you do not know the answer, and be open to all possibilities.

ATS: What is your insider tip (unconventional, nontraditional or out-of-the-box philosophy or action)?
Carol: Be brave and shake the hand of or introduce yourself to someone you don’t know – you’ll never know where it will lead.

ATS: How do you stay relevant?
Carol: Talk to your children! I value my daughter’s opinion – even when she was in high school. Children are “wired in” and know the latest trends.

(Your children) may not know everything, but they do know a lot.

McDonald's team members at the Wisonsin Avenue restaurant in DC


McDonald’s tells thousands of jobseekers: You’re hired! Read the article on>>>

Carol Van Valkenburg talks with new hire Jasmine Session

McDonald’s jobs in DC :

McDonald’s jobs across the country:

More info about National Hiring Day at McDonald’s:



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