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• Monday, January 13th, 2014

NEWS FLASH: We have a new blog home page!

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“The decision to move Ask The Strategist from the direct affiliation with KSG Strategic Consulting enables us to reach a wider audience, many of whom are current fans and followers of our media brands outside of KSG,” says Stribling.

The newly refurbished Ask The Strategist will continue to feature posts on business, entrepreneurship, careers, and women, however, one of the additional benefits is a group of new guest bloggers, who will provide content on a number of industries and specialties, including diversity and nutrition.

Our first guest blogger, Delise, is a college student who will share her experiences navigating her internship and school during her semester-long stay in South Africa, beginning in February 2014. Her video blog will be housed under the new section on careers for college students.

What does this mean for you, our subscribers?

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Ready, Set, Compete: American Express OPEN Forum Shares Tips  to Maximize 2014

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• Monday, October 21st, 2013

Congresswoman Donna F. Edwards Hosts the 5th Annual College and Career Fair

For the past five years, Congresswoman Donna Edwards has hosted the College and Career Fair for students in the Greater Washington, DC area to prepare them for life (and education) after high school. This year, the event was hosted at the brand new Oxon Hill High School in Prince George’s County, MD. We were honored to participate as an exhibitor for the third year to provide a career checklist (junior high school, high school, and college), resources for starting the career preparation process, and highlights from our inaugural Wealth & Wellness Summit.

Sharing Career Connect USA resources with participants

More than one thousand students attended the event seeking resources to help them prepare for higher education, gain admission to college, get internships, and obtain resources to help them prepare for career opportunities.

The program began with a welcome by the Congresswoman, and then students had an opportunity to attend several break out sessions, to help them prepare, plan, and become proactive in their educational and career pursuits.

It’s Never Too Early to Start Thinking About College featured insight from Gisela Ariza, The College Board; Raymond Harrod, First Generation College Bound; Anthony Howe, Drew Freeman Middle School; and, Raolatu Raji, Oxon Hill High School. The second workshop, How to Write a College Essay, included a panel of experts from local universities: Derrick Davis, University of Maryland – College Park, and Tyrell Huggins, Bowie State University.

The workshop, Financial Aid Resources for Post-High School Education, highlighted various funding sources for students. Panelists included representatives from the Maryland Higher Education Commission, Jumpstart Coalition for Personal Financial, the United States Department of Labor, Wells Fargo, United Negro College Fund, and the University of Maryland – University College.



Representatives from the Washington, DC Chapter of Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.


Led by the organization Educational Excellence, students learned strategies for SAT Preparation, and the session, Admissions Decisions – the Hard Truths, presented behind-the-scenes perspectives of the college admissions teams and featured panelists from Congresswoman Edwards’ Educational Advisory Committee, Northeastern University, Clark Atlanta University, and Rutgers University.

One of the fair’s highlights included a host of hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities led by Discovery Communications, Patriots Technology Training, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, US Patent and Trademark Office, Metro Warriors, and Art Way Alliance.

Youth participants in the Training Source program with E. Kim Rhim, Executive Director

More than 200 educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and companies exhibited during the fair, including a number of local and national colleges and universities: Howard University, Spelman College, Fisk University, Montgomery College, Rutgers University, University of Maryland, Ohio State University, and Northeastern University.

Community organizations came out to provide resources to students to help prepare them for the college experience and career pursuits. Groups and companies such as the Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. for women in business, Men Aiming Higher, The College Board, and Liberty Tax professionals were on hand to dispense advice and materials to the participants.

For more information about Congresswoman Donna Edwards’ College and Career Fair, visit the website.

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• Monday, January 14th, 2013
The New Face of Diversity: President and CEO of the American Conference on Diversity, Elizabeth Williams-Riley, joins us on The Strategy Sessions radio show on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. ET.

November’s election included sweeping legislative changes for many states, including the DREAM Act and same-sex marriage. In America, diversity has long been a discussion topic at work; however, it has taken on new meaning as social issues, including immigration and advocacy for women. Our guest, Elizabeth Williams-Riley, President and CEO of the American Conference on Diversity, joins us on The Strategy Sessions radio show to highlight how the conversation on diversity is re-shaping the workplace and communities.

Elizabeth Williams-Riley



  • How the definition of diversity has changed as legislative and societal changes have evolved
  • The impact November’s election will have on the workplace and the community, including states’ support of Same-Sex Marriage and the DREAM Act
  • The relevance of diversity training as women and people of color make strides in the workplace
  • How diversity impacts youth – bullying, leadership, and education
  • American Conference on Diversity programming to raise awareness, train, and prepare tomorrow’s leaders

Listen LIVE:

Have a question or comment for our guest?

Call (347) 539-5143


Tweet us @KesiStribling

For more information about Elizabeth Williams-Riley, or to view her bio, visit



Listen live

A radio show featuring industry leaders who share tips and strategies on business, careers, travel, health, and more, The Strategy Sessions airs live on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 11:00 a.m. ET. The show has featured luminaries representing corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations such as the U.S. Small Business Administration;; AAA; American Express; Women Impacting Public Policy; LifeLock; Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship; Aetna; the American Heart Association; and, Lockheed Martin. For more information, or to download the podcast, visit Twitter hashtag #TheStrategySessions


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• Tuesday, August 28th, 2012


Workplace Primer for College Students (part II)

In part I of the Workplace Primer for College Students, we detailed the importance of tailoring the job search and preparing a flawless cover letter or resume. Part II focuses on the interview, specifically what collegiate job seekers should do before, during, and after the meeting with prospective employers.

Prepare for the interview

You're hired! Interview preparation can score big points for your career.

Your cover letter and resume have passed muster and the company you eagerly want to work for has contacted you for an interview. There are several tips to help you prepare for the face-to-face meeting (or telephone screening, as is the trend these days). From selecting an appropriate wardrobe to asking a potential employer the right questions, interview preparation requires a lot of thought – and action.

Look the part: It is essential to select appropriate attire for the interview; and, the accessories that make the outfit, which complete your overall appearance. Ultimately, the interview wardrobe should be professional, and make you blend in, rather than stand out, from the company employees. The reality is that companies want new employees who reflect the current corporate culture, and that includes attire.

Men should wear slacks, a crisp shirt, and matching blazer. Of course, the tie completes the look – not a clip on! Freshly shined shoes and simple accoutrements, such as a watch, sans bling, and conservative cuff links complete the professional look. Interviewees can look stylish, no matter the budget constraints.

Related: professional attire for men

Women do not have to sacrifice style when preparing for the interview.  A modest length and well-fitting (not too tight) skirt or dress is appropriate, with a conservative shirt and blazer. If suiting seems a bit boring, or if the industry has a more relaxed approach to dressing in the workplace, it is okay to pair trousers or a skirt with a cardigan set. Moderate heels or sling backs should be clean and not scuffed. Understated jewelry rounds out the interview outfit.

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Even if the industry usually calls for khakis in the workplace (think technology), you can wear the corporate style once you land the job. For your interview, avoid the casual Friday look.

Women's professional attire on our pinterest page

Research the audience: Knowing one’s audience is imperative. Conduct research about the company in advance, including reviewing the corporate website, Facebook fan page, and Twitter account. Being armed with information about the company helps during the interview. Potential employers will appreciate the initiative, and will view the well-informed candidate as one who possesses a can-do attitude.

Before the interview, practice responses to potential questions that may be asked. Ask a trusted mentor, friend, or family member to conduct a mock interview, and assess your performance. Pay particular attention to the use of fillers when responding to questions  (um, ah, and you know), so that you can avoid them. Record the mock interview, and look at it a few times to improve your delivery. Doing so will help nervous candidates  ace the interview by being ready to talk about tasks undertaken in the current job, or skill sets and special talents that can translate to the job being applied for at the company.

Arrive early for the interview: One of the most important aspects of the interview is arriving on time to the meeting. Even if you’re familiar with the geographic area of the company, identify a preferred and alternate route to get to the interview. If there is an accident, detour, or water main break, taking an alternate route may be the difference between getting to the interview on time, or missing out on the opportunity by being an hour late. Drive to the location, if possible, the same day of the week and time the interview is scheduled, beforehand.

Professional attire for men on our pinterest page

Arrive early (not more than 30 minutes ahead of time), or on time, but never late. Companies often ask candidates to complete applications prior to the interview. Remember, the interview actually begins as soon as you arrive at the location. Be pleasant when speaking to or interacting with anyone in the office. Do not be haughty, put off, overly friendly, or flirt with the staff. By the way, waiting patiently until called in for the interview means no texting, listening to your iPod, or talking on your cell phone with or without your Bluetooth.

Ask the right questions: Be sure to ask at least one question during the interview. It should be one that is of genuine interest and not something that the interviewer has already covered. After the meeting is over, send a thank you note. Conventional thought is that a handwritten note to the interviewer is the way to go, it is also okay to send a brief, error free email thank you note.

Once the company has offered you the job, there are a number of questions to ask, not just those related to salary. Detailed questions include those related to annual and sick leave, retirement contributions by the employer, corporate culture, employee expectations, and other details about the position that may not have come up during the interview (i.e. the position’s funding is contingent upon grant money received).


Next: Part III (final) of the Workplace Primer for College Students

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• Sunday, August 12th, 2012


Workplace Primer for College Students (Part I of III)

Begin your career the right way!

This week, thousands of students will enter the hallowed halls of colleges across the country. For many, once the excitement of moving into dorms and registering for the requisite classes has subsided, collegians will settle into pursuing job opportunities. Whether a necessity, or a means for generating work experience for their resumes, entering the workforce – from searching for jobs to the on-boarding experience – can be a daunting task for rookie employees.

For college students, there are some key imperatives to help them become successful job seekers:  streamline the job search; create a flawless cover letter and resume; prepare for the interview; ask the right questions before you accept the position; give an award-winning performance at work; and, treasure your mentors and advocates.



Streamline the job search

Applying for any-old-job is a strategy that can lead to a disappointing workplace experience. Streamlining the job search is the first step in gaining temporary or long-term employment. Job seekers typically visit online job sites first to find opportunities. In addition to surfing popular sites, such as or Career Builder, there are a number of websites tailored to specific industries. For example, CareerMD is an online career source for physicians and residents looking for jobs in the health care industry. The American Marketing Association job site lists thousands of opportunities in marketing and communications. Another site, the American Institute of Architects, lists architecture opportunities spanning internships to project managers.

Paid jobs, apprenticeships or internships in a desired field, such as technology, marketing, and business, are often advertised at the campus career services office. Recruiters who advertise jobs and internships with career services typically have a pre-existing relationship with the office, which can be an advantage to college job seekers because of that rapport. Many campus career centers allow students to register for online alerts for posted positions, workshops, and campus job fairs.

Create a flawless cover letter or resume

Before applying for an internship or job, students should create detailed, flawless cover letters and resumes. These documents are an introduction to potential employers, who critique the applicants’ experience, soft skills, and specialized skills before deciding if they even want to bring candidates in for interviews.

Recruiters typically spend less than a minute to peruse a cover letter or resume, so it is important to structure your cover letter and resume, list only relevant information, and proofread everything. Structuring your cover letter or resume covers everything from ensuring your documents are the appropriate length to layout and font.

Visit specialized career sites for jobs

The cover letter expresses the candidate’s interest in a position. It also details a few highlights that complement the position for which a college job seeker is applying, and lists specialized skills, such as web design, HTML code, certifications, and foreign language proficiency. It should also include the person who recommended that the job seeker apply for the position, if applicable.

A college student’s resume should be one page – the average person does not have enough relevant job experience to justify a two-page curriculum vitae.  Highlight the principal tasks (primary work responsibilities) for each job or internship. Do not use informal fonts and large pitch for your resume. Stick to fonts like Times New Roman or Arial in 12 pitch. Ask a trusted friend, parent, or mentor to proofread your cover letter and resume before submitting it – errors will almost guarantee that a potential employer will not call you for an interview.

Finally, be sure to follow applicant instructions the company lists. If candidates are asked not to call the company about the position, respect the recruiter’s process. If candidates are allowed to call the prospective employer, only ask questions that are not covered in the position announcement. For example, if the job announcement states that travel is required, do not ask (before or during the interview) if traveling is expected.

Next week: Part II of the Workplace Primer for College Students

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DISCLAIMER: ASK THE STRATEGIST is a blog that addresses business, career, workplace and etiquette issues. Any advice dispensed by Ask The Strategist is purely for informational and entertainment purposes. Take the advice and opinions at your own risk – and betterment! Follow @KesiStribling or @CareerConnectDC on Twitter. Send questions, your conundrums, or questions via video to All submissions become the property of Ask The Strategist. Names and other identifying information may be changed to protect the person asking for advice.


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• Tuesday, May 01st, 2012

EVENT: Presented by STEM Connector

Townhall Conference Call
Workforce Planning to Fill the STEM Jobs Pipeline
May 2, 2012 – 2PM EST

Click here to register
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Current Speakers Include: 


Governor Jack Markell, Delaware Governor Jack Markell, DelawareAs Governor of Delaware, Jack Markell has helped open shuttered manufacturing facilities, won President Obama’s Race to the Top competition for progress in public school reform, and signed new laws to drive improvements in the economy, environment, and education. Governor Markell brings innovative public and private sector experience to the Office of Governor. He began his career in the private sector helping lead the wireless technology revolution as the 13th employee at Nextel (a name he coined), where he served as Senior Vice President for Corporate Development. Governor Markell is the current Vice-Chair of the National Governors Association.
Marc Morial Marc Morial, President and CEO, National Urban LeagueEntrepreneur. Lawyer. Professor. Legislator. Mayor. President, U.S. Conference of Mayors. CEO of the National Urban League, the nation’s largest civil rights organization. In a distinguished professional career that has spanned 25 years, Marc Morial has performed all of these roles with excellence, and is one of the most accomplished servant-leaders in the nation. He served as Mayor of New Orleans from 1994 to 2002.
Hank Jackson Hank Jackson, President and CEO, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)Henry G. (Hank) Jackson is the president and CEO for the Society for Human Resource Management, the world’s largest association devoted to the human resource profession. Prior to this he served as the Society’s interim president and CEO, and before that he was Chief Global Finance and Business Affairs Officer. In this capacity he was responsible for financial management as well as publications and new media, meetings and conferences, seminars, member marketing, corporate sales and technology solutions.
Rick Stephens Rick Stephens, Senior VP, Human Resources, BoeingRichard (Rick) Stephens is senior vice president, Human Resources and Administration for The Boeing Company, and member of the Boeing Executive Council.
Stephens, a 31-year Boeing veteran, oversees all leadership development, training, employee relations, compensation, benefits, Global Corporate Citizenship, and diversity initiatives at the Chicago-based aerospace company.
Gary Wimberly Gary Wimberly, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Express ScriptsGary Wimberly came to Express Scripts in 2004 and has held numerous top management positions. As senior vice president and chief information officer, his focus is on the overall IT strategy and performance, specifically focusing on innovative solutions, process improvements and improving productivity. Wimberly is responsible for ensuring the information systems are aligned with the business strategies of Express Scripts.
Jeri L. Buchholz Jeri L. Buchholz, Assistant Administrator for Human Capital Management, NASAAs the Assistant Administrator for Human Capital Management and NASA’s Chief Human Capital Officer, Jeri Buchholz has stewardship responsibility for NASA’s workforce. Her responsibilities include setting the agency’s workforce development strategy, assessing workforce characteristics and future needs based on the agency’s mission and strategic plan; aligning the agency’s human resources policies and programs with organizational mission, strategic goals, and performance outcomes.
Linda Cureton Linda Y. Cureton, Chief Information Officer, NASALinda Y. Cureton is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). As NASA CIO, she provides the requisite leadership to transform the management of information technology (IT) capabilities and services to support and enable NASA’s mission. She ensures that the Agency’s information resource management (IRM) strategy is in alignment with NASA’s vision, mission, and strategic goals.
Leland Melvin Leland Melvin, Associate Administrator for Education, NASAMr. Melvin has served the Astronaut Office Space Station Operations Branch, the Education Department at NASA Headquarters, Washington, D.C, and the Robotics Branch of the Astronaut Office. As co-manager of NASA’s Educator Astronaut Program, Leland Melvin traveled across the country, engaging thousands of students and teachers in the excitement of space exploration, and inspiring them to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. A veteran of two space flights, STS-122 in 2008, and STS-129 in 2009, Leland Melvin has logged over 565 hours in space.
Martin Scaglione Martin Scaglione, President, ACT Workforce DivisionOver the past five years, ACT has witnessed widespread adoption of its Workforce Development programs, including the globally recognized WorkKeys System and the National Career Readiness Certificate. In his pursuit of ACT’s mission to help people achieve education and workplace success, Martin has called on his extensive experience in business and industry. Martin began his career with Maytag, where he worked for nearly 20 years. He then led the North American Bosch-Siemens Household (BSH) appliance group in a variety of roles including chief operating officer.
V. Celeste Carter V. Celeste Carter, Program Director, NSF – ATEV. Celeste Carter received her Ph.D. in Microbiology from the Pennsylvania State University School of Medicine in 1982 under the direction of Dr. Satvir S. Tevethia. She served as a Program Director twice in the Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE) as a rotator. Dr. Carter accepted a permanent Program Director position in DUE in 2009; she is the Lead Program Director for the Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Program in DUE as well as working on other programs in the Division and across the Foundation.
Brian Fitzgerald Brian Fitzgerald, CEO, Higher Education Forum (BHEF)Brian K. Fitzgerald is a leading analyst and advocate for higher education and science, technology, engineering and mathematics education. Dr. Fitzgerald serves as BHEF’s chief executive officer and has led the organization to develop an ambitious policy and programmatic agenda focused on college readiness, access, and success, particularly in high-need disciplines such as science and math. Under Dr. Fitzgerald’s leadership, both of BHEF’s key initiatives—Securing America’s Leadership in STEM in partnership with Raytheon Company and the College Readiness, Access and Success Initiative (CRI): An Agenda for Educational Success—have grown as signatures of the organization.

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• Friday, April 27th, 2012


Show sponsor: Career Connect USA

The Strategy Sessions Radio Show on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 11:00 a.m. ET

The Strategy Sessions is pleased to welcome guests Julie Kantor, NFTE, and Thurman Jones, Patriots Technology Training Center on May 1, 2012 to discuss what their organizations are doing to create opportunities for youth in the Washington, DC area.

Julie Kantor, NFTE

Julie Kantor, Executive Director of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship in Washington, DC, talks about the organization’s upcoming Dare to Dream Gala, which will recognize two youth honorees Khaled Khalifa and Jordan Brooks; veteran entrepreneur and CEO of iStrategyLabs Peter Corbett, and DC Teacher of the Year Maureen Naughton of Wakefield High School. Event supporters include E*TRADE, Microsoft: Geek to Chic, and Capital One Bank.

The show’s second guest, Thurman Jones, is the founder of Patriots Technology Training Center in Prince George’s County, MD, which will host their 15th Annual Youth Summit at Bowie State University. Jones will discuss the upcoming event, anticipated to draw almost 1,000 young people interested in STEM careers and sponsors such as Pepco, BAE Systems, and the United States Department of Defense.


Connect with The Strategy Sessions Radio Show

CALL-IN with questions: (347) 539-5143
EMAIL questions to
TWEET questions @KesiStribling

Click here to LISTEN LIVE TO THE SHOW ONLINE on Tuesday, 5/1 at 11:00 a.m. ET

Thurman Jones, Patriots

ABOUT THE STRATEGY SESSIONS Featuring industry leaders and notables who share tips and strategies on business, careers, travel, health, and more, The Strategy Sessions radio show airs live on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 11am ET. Guests have included Robin Richards, CEO of; Millicent West, Director of the DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency; Glen MacDonnell of AAA; David Sheppard, Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS; and, Dr. Valerie Wilson, Vice President of the National Urban League Policy Institute. Visit the site to download previous shows/podcasts on iTunes.

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• Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

A day ON, instead of a day OFF

We kicked off this year’s Martin Luther king, Jr. Day of Service on Saturday, January 14, when we presented The Essential Job Search Toolkit (youth edition) to Washington, DC area high school students participating in the Leaders in Training (LIT) program, sponsored by Gap Buster, Incorporated.

Gap Buster Founder Dr. Yvette Butler, front left, with LIT program youth

During the workshop, participating youth learned how to create personalized cover letters for their dream jobs and internships, the elements of a great resume, pitfalls to avoid when creating cover letters and resumes, and detailed online job and internship resources.

They also discussed job categories (corporate, nonprofit, educational institutions, local and state government, and federal government), and identified which potential jobs were most appealing to them.

Feedback from The Essential Job Search Toolkit workshop:

…the students enjoyed your presentation tremendously. It was very informative and vital, since many of the students are on the verge of college; and internships are a great way to get experience and a head start on their competition.” – John, Gap Buster, Inc.


LIT students during the workshop

The students, most of whom are in their sophomore or junior year, also conducted a self-assessment to help them identify personality traits, skills, and interests that may aid them in their career pursuits.

They also learned how to identify their KSAs (knowledge, skills, and abilities), best tips for effective use of social media sites, and strategies for creating their (appropriate) online brand.


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• Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

It’s National Career Development Month

It's National Career Development Month

Today, November 30, 2011, is the last day of National Career Development Awareness Month.

In an effort to encourage young people and adults to take charge of their professional careers, the month was chock full of activities, including a poetry and poster contest, My Career Dreams, sponsored by the National Career Development Association.

Why celebrate career development awareness only in November? I exhort you – job seekers and those who are content with their careers – to use this month as a kick off for becoming, and staying, empowered about your choices for your career. Following are 10 things you can do to boost your career:

 Talk to your mentor about your career pursuits and advice
 Review job announcements for positions in which you are interested
 Visit your college Career Services office (students and alumni, alike)
 Begin developing your career plan
 Apply for an internship or volunteer
 Shadow an employee at work
 Take a continuing education class
 Get a certificate in an area of interest
 Update your resume
 Overhaul your social media sites to make sure they are professional

For more resources and tips to strengthen your career, visit our Career Connect website. Did these tips help you? Do you have a tip for us? Let ASK THE STRATEGIST KNOW by commenting below.

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• Thursday, February 17th, 2011

The Hitachi Foundation Seeks Young Entrepreneurs Creating Opportunity for Low-wealth Individuals

The Hitachi Foundation reignited its search for young entrepreneurs whose business enterprises are creating economic opportunities for low-wealth individuals in America. The Foundation opened the application process for The Hitachi Foundation’s Yoshiyama Young Entrepreneurs Program, seeking to identify five entrepreneurs, awarding each $40,000 over two years, and providing technical resources to strengthen their business.

“Now in its second year, the Yoshiyama Young Entrepreneurs Program is a business competition with an important twist: we are looking for young entrepreneurs, wherever they may be, whatever their business may be, who have put social sustainability on par with financial sustainability,” said Dr. Bruce MacLaury, Chair of the Foundation. “The program allows us to learn from innovative, young business leaders about how to build and run a financially sustainable business that improves the lives of low-wealth individuals in this country.”

Eligible applicants must currently be at least 18 years old and no more than 29 years old when they launched their business. Businesses must be 1-5 years old, and have been generating revenue for at least the past 12 months. The award is open to businesses organized as either for profit or nonprofit, with an earned-income revenue model. Their enterprise must create jobs, supply goods or services, or use internal management practices that offer low-wealth individuals in America an opportunity to improve their economic mobility.

The first round application deadline is March 14, 2011.

In addition to the cash prize of $40,000 over two years, Yoshiyama Young Entrepreneurs will benefit from a partnership with Investors’ Circle (IC) ( — a nonprofit membership organization whose mission is to catalyze the flow of investment to support entrepreneurs that address major social and environmental issues. Investors’ Circle will match an IC member mentor with each of the Yoshiyama Young Entrepreneurs, creating relationships based on entrepreneur needs and mentor expertise.

To learn more, get application materials, or view a short video featuring last year’s Yoshiyama Young Entrepreneurs, visit or e-mail with any questions.

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