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• Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Prosperity, Opportunity, and Freedom

1963 March on Washington, Wiki Media Commons

At 3:00 p.m. today, bells rang across the country to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the historic March on Washington, DC, and the stirring I Have a Dream speech delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Half a century ago, marchers flocked to the Nation’s Capitol to rally for civil rights, including jobs and economic opportunity.

Many still debate if the quest for the American Dream is reasonable, or attainable. Fifty years ago, despite challenges that impeded progress at the time, hopeful marchers believed fervently that all should have access to the pursuit of the dream,  in the workplace and beyond. While many meaningful strides have been made since the historic gathering in Washington, DC, there remain hurdles to scale. Women account for only 16% of corporate board leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies (source: Catalyst). Sixteen percent of the population - almost 50,000,000 people - live in poverty (source: U.S. Census Bureau), and, while the nation’s overall unemployment rates have decreased, almost 24% of teenagers are out of jobs (source: Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Let us all continue to ring the bells of prosperity, opportunity, and freedom in our own lives by committing to:

  • Proactively seek opportunities to cultivate skills that bolster or benefit our professional expertise
  • Celebrate those who fought for progress during the Civil Rights movement and vow to make a difference for good in our individual communities
  • Enthusiastically mentor a teen or Tween and help him/her prepare for internships and career opportunities
  • Courageously confront barriers that block your progress, whether internal or external
  • Consistently and positively use skills, talents, and abilities to gain workplace promotion or establish a business

How will you pursue prosperity, opportunity, or freedom in your own life? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


Declare Your Own Independence

New Year, New You

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• Tuesday, August 28th, 2012


Workplace Primer for College Students (part II)

In part I of the Workplace Primer for College Students, we detailed the importance of tailoring the job search and preparing a flawless cover letter or resume. Part II focuses on the interview, specifically what collegiate job seekers should do before, during, and after the meeting with prospective employers.

Prepare for the interview

You're hired! Interview preparation can score big points for your career.

Your cover letter and resume have passed muster and the company you eagerly want to work for has contacted you for an interview. There are several tips to help you prepare for the face-to-face meeting (or telephone screening, as is the trend these days). From selecting an appropriate wardrobe to asking a potential employer the right questions, interview preparation requires a lot of thought – and action.

Look the part: It is essential to select appropriate attire for the interview; and, the accessories that make the outfit, which complete your overall appearance. Ultimately, the interview wardrobe should be professional, and make you blend in, rather than stand out, from the company employees. The reality is that companies want new employees who reflect the current corporate culture, and that includes attire.

Men should wear slacks, a crisp shirt, and matching blazer. Of course, the tie completes the look – not a clip on! Freshly shined shoes and simple accoutrements, such as a watch, sans bling, and conservative cuff links complete the professional look. Interviewees can look stylish, no matter the budget constraints.

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Women do not have to sacrifice style when preparing for the interview.  A modest length and well-fitting (not too tight) skirt or dress is appropriate, with a conservative shirt and blazer. If suiting seems a bit boring, or if the industry has a more relaxed approach to dressing in the workplace, it is okay to pair trousers or a skirt with a cardigan set. Moderate heels or sling backs should be clean and not scuffed. Understated jewelry rounds out the interview outfit.

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Even if the industry usually calls for khakis in the workplace (think technology), you can wear the corporate style once you land the job. For your interview, avoid the casual Friday look.

Women's professional attire on our pinterest page

Research the audience: Knowing one’s audience is imperative. Conduct research about the company in advance, including reviewing the corporate website, Facebook fan page, and Twitter account. Being armed with information about the company helps during the interview. Potential employers will appreciate the initiative, and will view the well-informed candidate as one who possesses a can-do attitude.

Before the interview, practice responses to potential questions that may be asked. Ask a trusted mentor, friend, or family member to conduct a mock interview, and assess your performance. Pay particular attention to the use of fillers when responding to questions  (um, ah, and you know), so that you can avoid them. Record the mock interview, and look at it a few times to improve your delivery. Doing so will help nervous candidates  ace the interview by being ready to talk about tasks undertaken in the current job, or skill sets and special talents that can translate to the job being applied for at the company.

Arrive early for the interview: One of the most important aspects of the interview is arriving on time to the meeting. Even if you’re familiar with the geographic area of the company, identify a preferred and alternate route to get to the interview. If there is an accident, detour, or water main break, taking an alternate route may be the difference between getting to the interview on time, or missing out on the opportunity by being an hour late. Drive to the location, if possible, the same day of the week and time the interview is scheduled, beforehand.

Professional attire for men on our pinterest page

Arrive early (not more than 30 minutes ahead of time), or on time, but never late. Companies often ask candidates to complete applications prior to the interview. Remember, the interview actually begins as soon as you arrive at the location. Be pleasant when speaking to or interacting with anyone in the office. Do not be haughty, put off, overly friendly, or flirt with the staff. By the way, waiting patiently until called in for the interview means no texting, listening to your iPod, or talking on your cell phone with or without your Bluetooth.

Ask the right questions: Be sure to ask at least one question during the interview. It should be one that is of genuine interest and not something that the interviewer has already covered. After the meeting is over, send a thank you note. Conventional thought is that a handwritten note to the interviewer is the way to go, it is also okay to send a brief, error free email thank you note.

Once the company has offered you the job, there are a number of questions to ask, not just those related to salary. Detailed questions include those related to annual and sick leave, retirement contributions by the employer, corporate culture, employee expectations, and other details about the position that may not have come up during the interview (i.e. the position’s funding is contingent upon grant money received).


Next: Part III (final) of the Workplace Primer for College Students

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• Sunday, July 08th, 2012

Article Excerpt: The Washington Post hosts July job fairs


Washington Post hosts job fairs








The Washington Post will host two career fairs during the month of July in the Greater Washington, DC region for job seekers in targeted industries. For minimum requirements, or to pre-register and post your resume, visit the Washington Post job fairs home. Job seekers are asked to bring copies of their resumes to the fair.

Some of the featured participating employers include BioReliance, Community Connections, and Contact 1 Inc.

Read the entire article

Read more DC Workplace articles on Examiner.com


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• Thursday, June 07th, 2012

Free Webinar sponsored by the Local Jobs Network on Diversity Recruitment

The Local Jobs Network, an employment website that advertises millions of jobs across the country, and warehouses a multitude of employee and employer resources, will host a free webinar on Affirmative Action Recruiting Under the New OFFC (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs).

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Click on the image to register


Affirmative Action Recruiting Under the New Office of Contract Compliance Programs, a 1.5 hour webinar.

Join the Local JobNetwork™ team and employment attorney, Ely Leichtling from Quarles & Brady LLP, as we explore the impact of OFCCP regulations on recruiting. Whether you are an affirmative action officer or a recruiter, you are likely to learn something new from our OFCCP webinar.

Friday, June 22, 2012 at 8:00 a.m. PT, 10:00 a.m. CT, and 11:00 a.m. ET

Federal contractors need to carefully examine their recruiting practices to ensure compliance due to OFCCP’s emphasis on enforcement, the increasing number of onsite audits, and many recently proposed revisions to regulations and approaches.

The webinar is approved for one HRCI credit towards recertification of PHR, SPHR, or GPHR credentials. The webinar is 1.5 hours and covers the following topics with a live Q & A (last 30 min.) to ask our experts questions.

To register, visit www.localjobnetwork.com/webinars


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• Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Dr. Valerie Rawlston Wilson of the National Urban League Policy Institute

TODAY on The Strategy Sessions radio show, we will discuss how the American Dream has been reshaped by lagging employment, and a tenuous economy. Featured guests, Dr. Valerie Wilson, Vice President for Research, the National Urban League Policy Institute, and Megan Goffney, Executive Director of Dress for Success in Washington, DC join the discussion on jobs, The State of Black Middle Class report, the Urban Jobs Act, and how Dress for Success is meeting the needs of job seekers in the Washington, DC region.

TUNE IN LIVE at 11:00 a.m. ET: www.ksgsc.com/thestrategysessions

Megan Goffney, Executive Director of Dress for Success in Washington, DC

Have questions or comments about how YOUR American Dream has changed? Call into the show (805) 285-9841 or Tweet me @KesiStribling.

POLL: How have YOU redefined the American Dream? Post your comments below.

• Monday, June 06th, 2011

Judge Karen, Steve Wilkos headline Destination Occupation Expo in DC

courtesy DC 50 TV/Tribune - Judge Karen speaks to expo participants

In just the first hour, more than 500 Washington, DC area residents walked through the doors of the Walter Washington Convention Center last Friday to seek out job opportunities, explore educational options, and gain tips on everything from creating a better resume to a fashion show hosted by Dress for Success

courtesy of Ask The Strategist - Judge Karen signs autographs

The highlights of the Destination Occupation Expo, hosted by DC 50 television station, were the keynote speeches by Judge Karen Mills-Francis, of the popular show, Judge Karen’s Court and Steve Wilkos of The Steve Wilkos Show.

Known for her signature blonde tresses and a propensity to allow litigants to cross-examine one another while pleading their cases on television, Judge Karen brought the same sensibility that viewers witness on her show: use the challenges you face to make you stronger.

courtesy of Ask The Strategist - Dr. Aamir Quareshi, of Med Tech, talks with a prospective student

During my interview with Judge Karen, she emphasized that one of the most important factors in dealing with life’s changes, including job loss, is to have hope, a message she underscored during her speech to the hundreds of job seekers in attendance.

Judge Karen opens up a bit about some of the challenges she has overcome during her career, including running for judge in Miami-Dade County without support from entities that typically endorse a candidate. With little financial backing and the tough challenge of appealing to an entire county versus a district, Judge Karen faced some tough odds. “It was the toughest challenge I ever had,” she said. While she ended up winning, and being elected to a second term, Judge Karen noted that if she did not have hope, the outcome might have been very different.

courtesy of Ask The Strategist - Judge Karen, left, with DC 50 TV's Robin Hamilton

Urging participants in the Destination Occupation Expo to stay committed to their goals, Judge Karen said that with hope and motivation, people can move from “being victims to victors.”

Widely known for his former role as director of security for the Jerry Springer Show, Steve Wilkos, host of the Steve Wilkos Show, spoke to participants who attended the expo.

Continue reading the full article on Examiner.com Television personalities Judge Karen, Steve Wilkos headline DC career expo – Washington DC workplace | Examiner.com

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