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• Tuesday, June 05th, 2012

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The Strategy Sessions Radio Show on Tuesday, June 5, 2012 11:00 a.m. ET

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GAINING GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS The Strategy Sessions is pleased to welcome Lourdes Martin-Rosa, American Express OPEN, on June 5, 2012 to discuss American Express OPEN Gaining Government Contracts training series for businesses, strategies for preparing for and winning government contracts, and Lourdes’ own personal success story.

American Express OPEN hosts government contracting series

American Express OPEN hosts the Gaining Government Contract series. The latest takes place in Washington, DC on June 15, 2012. Expert panelists including Ana Recio Harvey, Assistant Administrator for the Small Business Administration; Mark Oliver, Department of the Interior; and Emily Murphy, House Committee on Small Business. Workshops , business matching, and networking opportunities are additional highlights.


Lourdes Martin-Rosa of American Express OPEN

Our guest, Lourdes Martin-Rosa, is an Advisor on Government Contracting for American Express OPEN. A business lobbyist turned entrepreneur, Martin-Rosa coaches small business owners on how to navigate a seemingly tenuous process for preparing and competing for government contracts. To read Lourdes Martin-Rosa’s bio, and get government contracting resources, visit www.ksgsc.com/thestrategysessions.




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ABOUT THE STRATEGY SESSIONS Featuring industry leaders and notables who share tips and strategies on business, careers, travel, health, and more, The Strategy Sessions radio show airs live on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 11am ET. Guests have included Robin Richards, CEO of Internships.com; Millicent West, Director of the DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency; Glen MacDonnell of AAA; David Sheppard, Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS; Dr. Valerie Wilson, Vice President of the National Urban League Policy Institute; and, Julie Silard Kantor, Executive Director of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship in DC. Visit the site to download previous shows/podcasts on iTunes.

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• Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

The Strategy Sessions featuring Dining by Design – Wednesday, 3/21/12 at 11am ET

New York will be alive with innovative creations by the country’s leading interior designers during Dining by Design this week, as its host Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA), launches the much anticipated event.

The Strategy Sessions talks with David Sheppard, DIFFA’s Executive Director, andCheryl Umbles, Principal of Perspectives Interiors, about design strategies, fighting AIDS, and a star studded list of guests who will grace Dining by Design.

Sponsored by Architectural Digest, the New York Times, and LX-TV, Dining by Design will be held at Pier 94 in NYC from March 22-26, 2012.

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The Strategy Sessions airs every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 11:00 a.m. ET. Visit the site to download previous shows/podcasts on iTunes.


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• Monday, June 06th, 2011

Judge Karen, Steve Wilkos headline Destination Occupation Expo in DC

courtesy DC 50 TV/Tribune - Judge Karen speaks to expo participants

In just the first hour, more than 500 Washington, DC area residents walked through the doors of the Walter Washington Convention Center last Friday to seek out job opportunities, explore educational options, and gain tips on everything from creating a better resume to a fashion show hosted by Dress for Success

courtesy of Ask The Strategist - Judge Karen signs autographs

The highlights of the Destination Occupation Expo, hosted by DC 50 television station, were the keynote speeches by Judge Karen Mills-Francis, of the popular show, Judge Karen’s Court and Steve Wilkos of The Steve Wilkos Show.

Known for her signature blonde tresses and a propensity to allow litigants to cross-examine one another while pleading their cases on television, Judge Karen brought the same sensibility that viewers witness on her show: use the challenges you face to make you stronger.

courtesy of Ask The Strategist - Dr. Aamir Quareshi, of Med Tech, talks with a prospective student

During my interview with Judge Karen, she emphasized that one of the most important factors in dealing with life’s changes, including job loss, is to have hope, a message she underscored during her speech to the hundreds of job seekers in attendance.

Judge Karen opens up a bit about some of the challenges she has overcome during her career, including running for judge in Miami-Dade County without support from entities that typically endorse a candidate. With little financial backing and the tough challenge of appealing to an entire county versus a district, Judge Karen faced some tough odds. “It was the toughest challenge I ever had,” she said. While she ended up winning, and being elected to a second term, Judge Karen noted that if she did not have hope, the outcome might have been very different.

courtesy of Ask The Strategist - Judge Karen, left, with DC 50 TV's Robin Hamilton

Urging participants in the Destination Occupation Expo to stay committed to their goals, Judge Karen said that with hope and motivation, people can move from “being victims to victors.”

Widely known for his former role as director of security for the Jerry Springer Show, Steve Wilkos, host of the Steve Wilkos Show, spoke to participants who attended the expo.

Continue reading the full article on Examiner.com Television personalities Judge Karen, Steve Wilkos headline DC career expo – Washington DC workplace | Examiner.com

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