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• Thursday, July 04th, 2013

Declare Your Own Independence

Today, we celebrate the brave efforts of our forefathers, who fought tirelessly for America’s freedom. Make a pledge to assert your own independence in your professional lives:

1. Proactively seek opportunities to grow: Desired change will never come to anyone who sits around waiting for it. In order to make a career or professional transition, start a business, or get a promotion, one has to work for it. Pledge to do one thing this week to help you grow, such as sign up for an online course in accounting, read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, take a Spanish class, or consider becoming an entrepreneur.

2. Update your resume: Always be at-the-ready with a resume that you can tweak for a particular position. Having an easily personalized resume for a job opportunity in which you are interested decreases the amount of time it takes to submit the finished product, and can reduce the stress that usually accompanies developing a resume.

3. Create a circle of influence: Create, or widen, your circle of mentors and supporters who can give you sage advice, listen when you want to share ideas with them, or just lend you a shoulder when you ware weary.

Are you declaring your independence today? Let us know how by emailing Ask@ksgsc.com.


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• Tuesday, July 03rd, 2012


We salute those who have fought to ensure our freedom, and pray for

the safety of those in combat today.

May God bless you and America.


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• Saturday, July 02nd, 2011

Independence Day and the Entrepreneurs to Whom We Are Indebted

Let's celebrate our entrepreneurial founding fathers and mothers this year

I got to thinking about the upcoming Independence Day activities and how families will hit the road this weekend to celebrate the holidays, hold backyard barbecues, and watch the blazing colors of the fireworks in cities across the country erupt on July 4.

While I imagine that most of us think about the core of what Independence Day means: the charting of our country’s future by English immigrants bravely breaking off from their native land to create a new and exciting land where values, opportunity, and hope could blossom seemingly unfettered.

While America has enjoyed years of struggle and sacrifice, resulting in the vast influence the country has had on every industry, today I give a special shout out to the founding fathers and mothers of entrepreneurship: Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, who was an inventor, printer, and author; Adam Smith, publisher of The Wealth of Nations, which introduced the ‘free enterprise’ system; Betsy Ross, entrepreneur and seamstress of our nation’s flag; poet and publisher Phillis Wheatley; Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin, which mechanized the separation of cotton fibers from seed pods; Josiah Wedgwood, workforce development pioneer who is credited with defining the “division of labor;” and, the countless others who shaped the world of business and impacted their communities.

I thank these brave individuals who undoubtedly had no idea that were constructing America’s concept of free enterprise, entrepreneurial spirit, and inspiring future business leaders with their innovation, pluck, and good fortune.

They are the innovators who encouraged, intentionally or otherwise, other people to dream of and seize independence – financially and politically – since 1776.

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