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• Monday, January 13th, 2014

NEWS FLASH: We have a new blog home page!

We are still Ask The Strategist, only now, the site is autonomously run by the Publisher/Editor, Kesi Stribling.

“The decision to move Ask The Strategist from the direct affiliation with KSG Strategic Consulting enables us to reach a wider audience, many of whom are current fans and followers of our media brands outside of KSG,” says Stribling.

The newly refurbished Ask The Strategist will continue to feature posts on business, entrepreneurship, careers, and women, however, one of the additional benefits is a group of new guest bloggers, who will provide content on a number of industries and specialties, including diversity and nutrition.

Our first guest blogger, Delise, is a college student who will share her experiences navigating her internship and school during her semester-long stay in South Africa, beginning in February 2014. Her video blog will be housed under the new section on careers for college students.

What does this mean for you, our subscribers?

All subscribers on the current Ask The Strategist blog (www.ksgsc.com/AskTheStrategist) will be sent a link and instructions for subscribing to/following the new site for Ask The Strategist (http://askthestrategist.wordpress.com). Support is available to answer any questions, or resolve difficulties signing up for the new blog, although a smooth transition for subscribers is anticipated.

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Read our first post on the new site:
Ready, Set, Compete: American Express OPEN Forum Shares Tips  to Maximize 2014

NOTE: We are still in the process of migrating most content over to the new site. Until we have completed this process, archived blog posts may be retrieved from the former blog website. The site will be discontinued and inaccessible once this process is finished with, or without, advanced notice.

Thank you for your support, subscription, and reading our posts since Ask The Strategist debuted in 2011. We look forward to your continued interest and feedback.


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1. I am a current subscriber to Ask The Strategist. Will I be automatically added to the new site?

Because subscribers have to opt-in to receive blog posts, we ask that you visit our new home page, enter your email, and click “subscribe.” You will receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription. Once you do, you will begin receiving new blog posts from Ask The Strategist.

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2. Will I still receive blog post notifications from Ask The Strategist?

If you opt to continue your subscription on our new site, your blog notifications will not be interrupted. Once you have subscribed to the new blog, we will terminate your subscription on the old site.

You will also receive one final notification from us if you have not subscribed to the new blog by January 31, 2014.

3. How long do I have before I have to switch to the new site?

We are still migrating pertinent content over to the new Ask The Strategist blog site. You are strongly encouraged to activate your subscription to the new site as soon as possible.

The site will be shut down once we have completed migrating posts over to the new Ask The Strategist home page. So, don’t delay!

4. Will Ask The Strategist share my information with sponsors and advertisers?

No, Ask The Strategist will never share your contact information with our advertisers and sponsors.

5. I would like be a guest logger on Ask The Strategist. Whom should I contact?

While we have most of our guest bloggers for 2014, if you have demonstrated writing experience on issues that would be a good fit for the blog (i.e. entrepreneurship, careers, health, community, diversity, current events, youth, and women), please contact us. Be sure to include links to your blog or writing samples.


DISCLAIMER: ASK THE STRATEGIST is a blog that highlights information on business, entrepreneurship, careers and the workplace, health, community,
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• Friday, December 06th, 2013
Sneak Peek: Super Soul Sunday with Oprah Winfrey and Howard Schultz

Ask The Strategist has been given an exclusive preview of Oprah  Winfrey’s interview with Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz on Super Soul Sunday, which airs this Sunday, December 8, 2013 at 11 a.m. ET on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. Winfrey sits down with Schultz, who shares the story of his inspiring rise from the housing projects in Brooklyn, New York, to his current role as a successful entrepreneur, global thought leader, and innovator.

Schultz will share the leadership lessons he’s learned while guiding this iconic brand for more than three decades, discussing how an emphasis on ethics, authenticity and a people-before-profit philosophy helped to grow and sustain his multi-billion dollar company.

Reflecting on his #1 New York Times bestseller, “Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life Without Losing Its Soul,” Schultz recounts the story behind the global coffee company’s comeback in 2008, when he decided to return as the CEO to help restore Starbucks’ core values and mission to inspire and nurture the human spirit – “one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.”


Oprah Winfrey with Howard Schultz. Photo Credit © Harpo Studios, Inc./George Burns

Following are three excerpts and video clips of Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Howard Schultz on Super Soul Sunday on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

EXCERPT: One of Howard’s Principles: “Don’t Be Threatened By People Smarter Than You”

OPRAH: And I know that you’re guided by your own values and your own set of principles.  There are four that you talk about that I love: Don’t be threatened by people smarter than you. Can you speak to that?

HOWARD: You can’t build any kind of organization if you’re not gonna surround yourself with people who have experience and skill base beyond your own.  Only as if those people have like-minded values.

OPRAH: That is the key to starting anything.

HOWARD: That’s the key.  And I think when you discover perhaps that these people do not have those values, then you have to have a very quick conversation.  And if they don’t demonstrate that kind of behavior, not everyone deserves to be on the team.

OPRAH: Compromise anything but your core values.  That’s what you say.

HOWARD: Short-term success is not going to build long-term value for anyone.  And we live in an age where everything is based on the short term.  And I think what we’re trying to do and what we’ve demonstrated is very –

OPRAH: You had to fight that in your own culture.

HOWARD: We did.

OPRAH: Yeah.

HOWARD: It’s hard to do.

View the video: “Don’t Be Threatened by People Smarter Than You”

EXCERPT: Howard on the Importance of a Leader to be Vulnerable

OPRAH: You say it’s important as a leader –

HOWARD: To be vulnerable.

OPRAH: — to be vulnerable. Where’d you learn that?

HOWARD: Well, when I stood up in front of people and I — I apologized and started crying that first week.

OPRAH: Which is not what CEO’s do.

HOWARD: Especially men. I think we’re taught as men to — you know, but I think vulnerability is transparency.  And what I said earlier is I think the currency of leadership is transparency and you’ve got to be truthful. So I don’t think it’s — I don’t think you should be vulnerable every day.

OPRAH: Right.

HOWARD: But there are moments where you’ve got to share your soul and your conscience with people and show them who you are and not be afraid of it.

View the video: The Importance of a Leader to be Vulnerable

EXCERPT:  Howard finding Starbucks at a “Spiritual Crisis” Upon His Return to the Company in 2008

OPRAH: Would you say that Starbucks was in a spiritual crisis?

HOWARD: Yes, I would.

OPRAH: Mm-hmm.

HOWARD: And I would say that — I would also say that most of the problems we had were self-induced mistakes.  And I stood in front of the entire employee base of the company, our partners, and said — apologized for, as leaders, that we had let them and their families down.  But we were gonna return the company back to its glory days.

OPRAH: Okay.  So in those days where you knew the company — the company had lost its way –


OPRAH: – was in its own spiritual crisis, did you debate whether or not you should jump back in or not?  I know — I know –

HOWARD: First of all, I never planned to come back to Starbucks.  But, again, this is about love.

OPRAH: Because you’d stepped down at CEO.

HOWARD: I did.  This is about love.  This is about passion.  This is about responsibility.  And it’s about leadership.  And there was no second thought whatsoever.  I came back to lead the company back.  But I also needed help from others. And I needed people to believe.  And we started doing things that were quite unorthodox, uncharacteristic of a company that was in trouble, especially during the financial crisis.

View the video: Starbucks Spiritual Crisis

Find OWN in your area

For more information about Super Soul Saturday, visit:


DISCLAIMER: ASK THE STRATEGIST is a blog that highlights information on business, entrepreneurship, careers and the workplace, health, community, and women’s issues. Any content or advice dispensed through Ask The Strategist is solely for informational and entertainment purposes. All content is the property of Ask The Strategist and affiliated companies unless otherwise noted. We occasionally address questions from our readers and subscribers in posts. Send your question or conundrum  via video or regular email to ask@ksgsc.com. All submissions become the property of Ask The Strategist. Names and other identifying information may be changed to protect the person asking for advice.

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• Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Media Training Guidebook


I am pleased to announce that yours truly is one of the contributors to the Media Training Guidebook, published by Access Intelligence and PRNews. The article, 4 Strategic Methods for Building Successful Media Relationships, appears in chapter 7, page 183.

Read the announcement

The guidebook, which was released yesterday, features insight on crisis communications, camera-readiness, and engaging the media.

Joining other contributors, including Bank of America, Google, Microsoft, the National Association of Asian Journalists, and more, I am in awe to stand among such giants.

Due to an agreement, I can’t yet release my article to the public (darn those pesky proprietary rules!). As soon as I am able to share, I will impart some of those tips to you.

For those ASK THE STRATEGIST subscribers who are publicists, handle marketing and public relations for your company or organization, or are responsible for media image preparation for your clients, you really should consider getting the Media Training Guide (disclaimer: I get absolutely no royalties from the guidebook for promoting it).

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• Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Forum Panelists (left to right): Ana R. Harvey, L. Content McLaughlin, Raychel Schumacher, S. Lynn Cooper, and Edith Jett McCloud

Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D-NY) addresses attendees at the women-owned business forum

On Tuesday, February 15, hundreds of women business owners flocked to the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington, DC to hear from the experts during a minority women-owned business forum, The Trailblazers of Our Economy. Hosted by Maryland Congresswoman Donna F. Edwards (D-MD), the panel discussions featured an impressive cadre of elected leaders, government agencies, and key contract decision-makers.

Steps away from where elected officials are currently battling a contested United States budget, the forum tackled two primary themes: trends in female entrepreneurship and improving the outlook for women-owned businesses.

Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D-NY), Ranking Member of the House Committee on Small Business, noted that women account for $1 trillion spent on goods and services in 2010. According to the Congresswoman, who represents New York’s 12th Congressional district, women own 1.9 million businesses, and generated $165 billion in revenue last year.

Women are leveraging their impact on the workplace as the leading group that hires employees, outpacing traditional, nationally recognized companies. Rep. Velazquez cited the Women’s Procurement Program, which launched this month, as a vehicle to increase competition among businesses, including those in construction, technology, and agriculture.

Trends Affecting Female Entrepreneurship, moderated by Mauricio Vera, Director of the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization at the U.S. Agency for International Development, highlighted statistics in female business ownership. Panelists included Michelle Ebanks, President of Essence Communications; Gregory Bell, Senior Communications Manager for Green for All; and, Anthony Caruso, Project Manager for the United States Census Bureau.

The second panel, Improving the Outlook for Minority Women-Owned Businesses, featured S. Lynn Cooper, National Association of Black Female Entrepreneurs; Ana Recio Harvey, Assistant Administrator for the United States Small Business Administration; L. Content McLaughlin, President of the National Association of Women Business Owners; Edith Jett McCloud, Associate Director of the Minority Business Development Agency; and, Raychel Schumacher, AdWords Strategist for Google, Inc.

Moderated by Essence Magazine’s Senior Editor of Personal Finance and Careers, Tanisha A. Sykes, the panel focused on the framework for successful entrepreneurship, which can positively impact revenue, an increase in employees, and a sustained business.

Ana Recio Harvey shared her personal story of entrepreneurship and the impact of limited resources had on her company and staff. She encouraged participants to “get counseling, training, and mentoring to prevent roadblocks.”

Raychel Schumacher emphasized the importance of maximizing an online strategy to stay relevant and maintain a continued presence. Schumacher opined that having a great team to support initiatives and business growth goals is a necessity, rather than a luxury.

The panelists agreed that access to opportunities, including government contracts, and access to capital creates a healthy, thriving workplace. The common denominator of success, according to Edith Jett McCloud is an entrepreneur’s “hunger and thirst for more knowledge…never be satisfied until she knows everything about her business, market, and competitors.”

Watch our interview with Samira Cook-Gaines, Director, of the DC Women’s Business Center>>>CLICK HERE TO WATCH

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• Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Internships.com and College Parents of America Partner to Launch the How Internships Result in Employment (H.I.R.E.) Initiative This Spring

LOS ANGELES (February 10, 2011) – Internships.com, the world’s largest internship marketplace, has partnered with College Parents of America, the nation’s only membership organization of current and future college parents, to inform college students and parents about the benefits of experiential education. Launching this spring, the How Internships Result in Employment (H.I.R.E.) initiative will provide products, resources and services tailored to best prepare college students for internships and for parents to help them along the way. The announcement was made today jointly by Robin Richards, CEO of Internships.com and Bob Soza, Chairman of College Parents of America.

The H.I.R.E. initiative will begin with a dedicated microsite and co-branded e-books filled with content focusing on careers and the intrinsic value of internship opportunities available during a student’s years in higher education. The Companies will co-produce webinars and release valuable data through special surveys and exclusive reports.

In a recent survey conducted by Internships.com, employers noted that relevant experience and interview performance were the most important factors they considered when hiring. Additionally, 45% of the employers on Internships.com said they’ve proactively contacted interns instead of waiting for candidates to apply.

“As co-leaders and experts in content for college parents and students, Internships.com and College Parents of America are a natural fit for the H.I.R.E. initiative,” said Richards. “This allegiance will provide key knowledge and expertise as well as the practical application of skills that will aid students in gaining a competitive edge.”

Soza added, “Our partnership with Internships.com demonstrates our commitment to provide college families with the innovative, relevant resources and services that will prepare students for success through college and beyond. We are very excited about this new relationship and the benefits it will provide for parents and students.”

Students can access basic tools that allow them to: create new or upload existing resumes; design a professional profile; search, save and filter internship listings nationwide; receive text, Facebook, Twitter and email notifications; and utilize the Internship Predictor™. Internships.com also provides a Student Tool Kit with tips about how to handle interviews, informative articles, videos and blogs from student interns as well as industry experts. The Company offers additional, more advanced tools such as Top of the Pile priority for resume submissions, The Intern Certification Program, Featured Placement, The Career Navigator, Resume Review, Live Coaching and exclusive data on more than 5 million companies through the Company Directory.

About Internships.com
Internships.com is the world’s largest internship marketplace bringing students, employers and higher education together in one centralized location. The innovative, Los Angeles based company, develops a wide variety of interactive, world-class tools and services to enable every student, employer and educator to better understand and optimize internship opportunities. For additional information, please visit www.internships.com. For tips on finding internships, hot internship listings and internship advice, follow Internships.com on Twitter (www.twitter.com/internships) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/internships.com).

About College Parents of America
College Parents of America is the nation’s only membership organization of current and future college parents. Founded in 1997, our mission is to assist families in the successful preparation, transition, adjustment and completion through college. College Parents of America provides its members with the advantage of valuable benefits and advocacy that protect and maximize their family’s college investment and the resources to support their student’s achievement. For more details, please visit www.CollegeParents.org; follow us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/CPofAmerica) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/CollegeParentsofAmerica).


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