Originally an online job fair in 2005, Career Connect USA - KSG Strategic Consulting
career initiative - has evolved into a comprehensive program featuring workshops,
seminars, and networking events to encourage proactive and strategic career
management. CCUSA also hosts two online career fairs each year, and posts the
#DailyJobOpp on affiliated social media pages.


Career Connect Clinics
Workshop seminars and symposia, the Clinics are designed to address
career strategies for adult job seekers - from entry level to senior managers.

Thank you for attending
Career P.O.P. (Pursuing Opportunities with a
Passion), in Martha's Vineyard on Saturday, August 9, 2014.
View photos
and resources from the event, and register for Career P.O.P. Martha's
Vineyard 2015.

Read more about past Career Connect USA events for adults

Wealth & Wellness Summit
The summit is our signature collegiate program that emphasizes the
interdependence between the ability to generate and maintain optimal
wealth, and physical, mental, and spiritual health.
Read more about the Wealth & Wellness Summit

Career Exploration Series
Affectionately known as Career Day on Steroids™, the CES is a career development
program for junior high school and high school students. Each student is surveyed
prior to the program to ensure that content reflects their interests, and those who
work in the professions of greatest benefit to students. The first program was held
on Friday, May 2, 2014.
>Read more about the CES
>Frequently asked questions about the CES  
> Read the CES launch press release
>Volunteer for the CES

STEM Lab for elementary school students (co-ed and female)
In 2015, we will launch our career development program designed for elementary
school students, with an emphasis on careers in Science, Technology, Engineering,
and Math.

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